Monday, July 6, 2009

Record-Breaking Skinny Dip Attempt at Sun Meadow

Someone posted to the LDS Skinny Dippers Web Forum that the Sun Meadow Nudist Ranch near Worley has "...a nice indoor pool, and a very hot outdoor jacuzzi. Very low key environment, perfect for the first timer or reluctant spouse." First of all, I don't regularly frequent the LDS Skinny Dippers Web Forum. Actually, I came across it on a Google search for Sun Meadow. Now, I'm not saying anything either way about the Mormon's beliefs, but I'm pretty sure they aren't known for getting naked and playing tetherball with Delores and Merle from Grand Forks.

One thing's for sure, you won't catch my naked booty anywhere near the recreational areas, but apparently some people get some kind of free and easy feeling out of letting their dangly bits play free in the summer breeze. Sun Meadow has a growing membership of folks who flock in from all over the nation to enjoy a clothing-optional getaway in sunny North Idaho. Or should I say mooney North Idaho. They've got events and live entertainment going on every weekend all summer long. High School speech teachers frequently recommend picturing your audience in their underwear or nude to help tackle a case of stage fright, so I guess if you're performing at a nudist ranch you're able to just skip this step entirely.

Coming up this weekend, Sun Meadow hosts another uh, unique event and below are the details they provided. If you're comfortable naked with strangers, why not show up and help put North Idaho in the Guinness Book for something entirely odd.

If you'd like to participate in this national event at a place where you're not likely to be arrested, check out the 2nd Annual Skin to the Wind Festival of Fun at Sun Meadow Resort July 9 to 12 near Worley, Idaho. A highlight this year will be an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records largest skinny dip ever in North America. The American Association for Nude Recreation is coordinating the record-setting event and the folks gathered at Sun Meadow will do their part Saturday July 11 at high noon. The public is invited to participate in this event nationwide. Rules require all participants to be completely nude to be counted. First time skinny-dippers are welcome and shyness will be accommodated, hosts at Sun Meadow say. "Skinny-dipping is a wholesome tradition as old as mankind and frequently honored in art and movies. It celebrates the natural joy of plunging into water without hindrance of clothing."

Rob Quist will appear in concert at Sun Meadow Resort Thursday, July 9 at 8 p.m. as part of the 2nd Annual Skin to the Wind Festival of Fun. Rob's original music tells tales about people and history of Montana and the West. He has shared the stage with many musical greats including, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Dolly Parton, Heart, and The Allman Brothers to name a few.

--Our Second Annual Skin to the Wind Festival of Fun!
--Thursday, a concert with Montana's own legendary country music singer/songwriter, Rob Quist (tickets $12).
--Friday night volleyball, homemade soup, salad bar and homemade bread, and a DJ dance at 9 PM.
--Saturday, be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records! The World's Largest Skinny Dip will happen all over the country, and especially at Sun Meadow. We've even figured out a way for non-nudists to participate.
--after the 4:30 PM pot luck patio party and 6:30 PM dinner, another concert (TBA).
--Every day, DJ tunes by the pool, gourmet meals from scratch, fun workshops, Planet Earth videos, concessionaires, massage, and lots of fun!
--Package prices available.
--Sunday evening enjoy our pot luck dinner at 6:30. Nothing to bring? No problem. Just let us know and contribute $6.

Sun Meadow Resort
30400 Sun Ray Trail
Worley, Idaho 83876

Phone (208) 686-8686

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