Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice
202 W. Ironwood Dr. Suite E
Coeur d'Alene
(208) 664-3206

It's one of those mornings when as soon as you crack a crusty eye and become vaguely aware you're awake you just want to die. Every noise is like thunder, every ray of daylight is like a shocking flash of lightning. Your mouth tastes like the floor in the break room at the cigarette factory. Memories are fuzzy, but you vaguely recall kissing that prince (or was it a frog?) before you downed the last of your martini and caught a cab home before somehow stumbling into bed.

You say to yourself "Oh good grief, I need to get on a health kick or something before I drop dead." You need to get some serious rejuvenation rolling. A visit to the day spa is too spendy and feels like cheating, anyway. You simply don't have the energy for the gym or to even get off the couch, for that matter. I've got the perfect solution for your predicament: you need a big, cold Jamba Juice smoothie to replenish the essential vitamins that you ran your body dry of in the course of your shameless overindulgence.

According to one of the handy info pamphlets they leave out for customers, each Jamba contains 3-6 servings of fruit in one go. Each is available with a variety of different "boosts", which are vitamins and minerals formulated to add a punch of protien, energy, or immunity. Many of the drinks served here are "functional", like the tangy, Vitamin-C and Zinc packed "Coldbuster." More exotic is the "Acai Supercharger", which along with a whammy of good 'ol caffiene (via guarana), contains the strong antioxidant "Acai juice." The way the menu describes some of these unusual ingredients leaves you with the impression that someone at the Jamba Juice company spent years crawling through the bushes of South America looking for undiscovered miracle produce, just for us. "Matcha" is another one, a type of organic green tea that you can try in smoothie form or as a gnarly little green shot with soymilk, kind of like an espresso from Venus. Also, for those who crave the taste of fresh-mowed lawn, wheatgrass shots are available.

Although generally good for you, and always refreshing, many of the smoothies are not neccessarily low on calories. The "Jamba Classics" like "Carribean Passion" or "Razzamatazz" are made with huge scoops of sherbert and yogurt - a large cup packs 600-700 calories, or about the same as a good slice of turtle cheesecake. Chocolate is no stranger to these parts, either, with the "Chocolate Moo'd" smoothie that gives the illusion of being nutritious while tasting like an old fashioned milkshake. Along with it's evil twin, the "Peanut Butter Moo'd", these are the most decadent items available here, weighing in at over 900 calories each, for a large.

However, they've recently introduced the "all fruit" smoothie menu and the "Jamba Light" menu, which contain Splenda and whey protein and taste just as good, especially the addictive "Mango Mantra." A few years ago, I went to the best Chinese place in Chinatown, San Francisco, and they served a mango dessert that tasted almost exactly like the "Mango Mantra"- rich, creamy and delicious. These smoothies come in at between 200-300 calories, so they are basically guilt-free. My main Jamba favorite is the "Orange Dream Machine" which is a great breakfast substitute with 18 grams of protein, a days worth of vitamin C, and a yummy creamsicle vibe. Throw in an energy boost, and I'm set until dinnertime.

Fruit smoothies here are the main gig, but they do have a small selection of baked goods at the counter, and the ones I've tried were very good. The blueberry-bran mini loaves pack enough raw fiber to keep things moving very smooth, if you know what I mean. There's a shelf with a random variety of items for sale: juice books, logo t-shirts, on-the-go sippy cups, an actual juicer. I enjoy the atmosphere inside Jamba Juice. The decor is lite-90's modern with a happy clash of avocado green, pale orange, and bright purple walls mixed with clean, natural wood floors and fixtures. It's a small place with minimal seating, but most people get their smoothies to go.

From my experience, the service is always good here. I'm normally in a rush when I pop in, with only a few moments to spare on my way to work. Lines and delays are rare, and I'm usually in and out within 5 minutes. The staff are always perky and polite and even though I only visit every few weeks, the cashier remembers my first name when I order. One thing that annoys me about some places like this is the bored looking teens that stand around and talk trash instead of doing their jobs. Not here - these kids are quiet, clean, fast, and efficient, doing whatever magic thing it is they do back there with all those blenders and other machines. If they make too much smoothie to fit it all in your cup, they'll pour the extra in a small cup and give it to you as well. They always only remove the bottom part of the straw wrapper when they stick in your cup, leaving the top part wrapped and sanitary - a nice touch!


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