Thursday, November 11, 2010

Panhandle Health's Food Inspection Hit List 2010

It's been a little while since we took a stroll together down Foodborne Illness Lane, but it's so pretty this time of year so let's have a go at it, shall we? Panhandle Health District is kind enough to provide us with a website, which is updated regularly with information about how many health code violations our area's restaurants and eateries have managed to rack up in the last three years.

It's something I find interesting for some sick reason, and I'm not trying to pick on any restaurant owners or give them a bad name, I swear. I've only included establishments with 3 or more violations on their record below. This info is already available on the web, and I'm simply gathering and reposting it. Keep in mind, these violations occur for a variety of reasons, some are probably quite mild and some are possibly horrifying (the site doesn't provide details), and I'd assume that most eateries are very good about taking care of whatever caused the violation. So, grab your Extra Strength Maalox, and I'll meet you at the Coyote Cafe...

7 Violations
Coyote Cafe, Mullan

6 Violations

Prichard Tavern, Wallace

5 Violations
Breakfast Nook, Cd'A
Buttonhook Inn, Bayview
CJ's Cafe, Kellogg
La Cabana, Post Falls
Lucky Seven Pizza, Stateline
Nosworthy's, Cd'A
Pizza Factory, Post Falls
Sands Cafe, Smelterville
Sherman Junction, Cd'A
Subway, Rathdrum, Cd'A
Taco Works (Mobile), Cd'A
The Mill, Cd'A

4 Violations
Archie's IGA, St. Maries
Azteca Southwest Grill, Cd'A
Bonsai Bistro, Cd'A
Breakfast Nook, Rathdrum
Casa de Oro, St. Maries
Chili's, Cd'A
Crickets. Cd'A
Dockside, Cd'A
Domino's, Post Falls
Fisherman's Market, Cd'AGateway Cafe, Plummer
Harvest Market, Wallace
HiCo Deli, Pinehurst
Kelly's Irish Pub, Cd'A
Kootenai Coffee, Hayden
Lakeview Restaurant, Hauser
Lookout Pass Cafe, Mullan
Mission Inn, Cataldo
My Big Fat Greek Deli, Kellogg
O'Malleys, Rathdrum
One Shot Charlie's, Harrison
Outback Steakhouse, Cd'A
Pizza Factory, Wallace
Saddle Sore Inn, Post Falls
Snake Pit, Enaville
Tito Macaroni, Cd'A
Wildcat Pizza, Kellogg
Wallace Inn, Wallace

3 Violations
41 South, Sagle
Arby's, Cd'A
Bangkok Cuisine, Sandpoint
Beverly's, Cd'A
Big Eddy Resort, St. Maries
Cabela's Cafe, Post Falls
Capone's, Cd'A
Chinese Gardens, Cd'A
CJ's Family Tradition, Rathdrum
Floating Restaurant, Hope
Flying J, Post Falls
Golden Dragon, Post Falls
Gozzer Ranch Clubhouse, Harrison
GW Hunters, Post Falls
Herbie's Deli, Cd'A
Homestead Drive-In, Worley
Hoot Owl Cafe, Ponderay
Hot Rod Cafe, Post Falls
Humdinger, KelloggZ
Japan House, Cd'A
Jimmy's Down the Street, Cd'A
MaMa San's, Sandpoint
Millie's, Priest River
Mom's Cafe, Clark Fork
Moon's Mongolian Grill, Post Falls
Paul Bunyan, Cd'A
Paul Bunyan, Hayden
Pho Thanh, Cd'A
Pita Pit, Sandpoint
Pizza Factory, St. Maries
Rose Lake Restaurant, Cataldo
Secret Thai, Sandpoint
Spuds, Sandpoint
The Jameson, Wallace
Toro Viejo, Hayden
Toro Viejo, Rathdrum

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