Sunday, August 5, 2007

G. Thomas vs. Get Out Thrift Store Column

The aftermath of last month's Thrift Store column is still going on, apparently. I suffered the wrath of another pissy Hospice thrift store lady today, this time in the CDA Press. Hey betch, it was an article not a "letter" - like, get it straight, K? Naturally, I consider it an honor... (click to enlarge):

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Patrick said...

Melanie said...

Oh my , you seemed to have stepped on some toes, have you not?
9:51 AM

The Wicked Brian of the West said...

Excellent, Patrick. You've created a flap. As G√ľnter Eich wrote, 'Be uncomfortable. Be sand, not oil, in the machinery of the world.'
11:11 AM

Anonymous said...

hahahhaaaaaa! haaaAAAAhahhahHHaAA

oh god, the pickled puss speaks out! hahahaaa

listen, lady. the purpose of 'Hospice' as an organization is totally noble and great. No one is saying anything degrading about what Hospice does for the dying, OK?
the deal is the cranky thrift store staffers -got it?

8:26 AM