Monday, October 15, 2007

Bread Crumbs: Random Bits

There's nothing more simple and delicious to me than a perfectly done cheese pizza. Ellen DeGeneres says she'd eat it for lunch every day if she could. And actually, so would I. Throw even one topping on there and it's an entirely different thing. The topping always becomes the main attraction. With cheese pizza, cheese is the star of the show, and when it falls under the heat of the oven, it gets all bubbly and crisp - brilliance.

The girl at Papa Murphy's looked at me a little sideways when I didn't order an Ultra Deluxe Family Size Gourmet Chicken Garlic Fantasy or whatever it is they like to specialize in. "Cheese. Large." This place is generous with the cheese normally, but when you order a naked pie, they really heap it on. Six measly bucks and twenty minutes later, I've got enough cheesy, crispy crusty goodness to last at least three meals, each with a nice little side salad. Not only is it delicious and not overly indulgent, but the price is right for a poor starving blogger like me.

Boo! Please email me at if you hear of any Halloween-oriented activities happening later this month. I want to include as many things as I can on the calendar as I can and may write a main article about it if I can find enough stuff to write about.

Actual Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, which always makes partying that night a bit of a drag for those who have to work the next morn (and I include myself in that group). Many places are having their big she-bangs the weekend before (see Rock Joint flyer below). I know Mik-n-Mac's is doing their thing on the 31st and will be giving away $1000 as they do every year - $500 for Overall Best and $100 each for other categories. I won "funniest" a few years ago with my "Gina K. Logical" trailer trash lady costume. It was a Divine-in-Pink-Flamingos dress, spring loaded boobs, pink fluffy slippers, a huge wig and blue eyeshadow. I was quite miserable in the outfit but it was all worth it when I won. You're going to have to cough up a lot of cash if you want to see the pics...

Wow. I heard the musty old Shore Lounge finally banned smoking. I have an idea they finally got tired of touristos bitching about the lingering aroma during Sunday brunches in the Lounge or something. Not that I'm necessarily pro-smoking, but it is Idaho where we are technically still allowed to do so in bars and cocktail lounges. In fact, I imagine that a certain number of California or Washington residents visiting the Cd'A Resort were delighted to find out they could smoke right there inside. I know my smoker friends from those states love it when theyvisit and have the luxury of going to bars and puffing away without having to stand out in the chill.

Anyway, good for the Shore Lounge for being ahead of the curve because eventually they'll ban the same anti-smoking laws here and smokers will just have to learn how to deal. Meanwhile, I wonder how Resort Security drones are enjoying monitoring all the loud happy drunk people wandering back and forth across the seasickness-inducing lobby carpet between the lounge and the front door creating tipsy havoc on their way to go smoke every half hour.

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Phil said...

My son would agree with you... "Cheese, please." Anything else on it will just end up on the side of the plate.

Looking forward to your review of that new place by Costco - Nick & Willy's Pizza. I don't have affiliation with them, just always hestitant to try new restaurants.

You should have a PayPal donation button so readers can send you to places they want you to review. Seriously, I'll bet you'd get some good meal money.