Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bread Crumbs: Random Bits

Sadly, it looks as though old-school downtown favorite Senor Froggy’s has succumbed to the Get Out curse. You may recall my less-than-glowing review from earlier this year. I drove by today and the place was dark. I could just make out missing patches of paint where the décor was merciless ripped off the walls. Tragic handwritten messages in the windows announced the death, and the giant For Lease sign out front finalized it. Even though the place had gone rotten of late, it still makes me a bit sad. I spent so many years enjoying their greasy crisp burritos, gloppy nachos, and addictive cinnamon crustos. I’m rather hoping someone will revitalize it as a fast Mexican place, but more likely it will become home to yet another spendy café or bistro. Meanwhile the ghost that resides in the basement is going to get awful lonely…

I really got an earful on the phone from Dina, the owner of Pizza Schmizza after my recent review. I couldn’t really do much except agree with her. I’d be mad as hell too if someone wrote a mean review of my place. I explained to her that it was just my opinion, but it seems like she was convinced I had a personal vendetta against her, which is silly. I do want to clarify that Pizza Schmizza is a franchise, so technically I was wrong when I made references to various elements as “corporate.” She made it VERY clear to me that she runs a LOCAL business. Mainly, she was mad because she didn’t like my descriptions of the wall colors and that the review appeared under the heading “Community News.” To quote Dina herself: “Oh, so that’s what you call community news, huh, that Pizza Schmizza sucks?!” I could see her point, but told her she ought to thicken her skin a bit because not everyone will find delight in her product. In reality, I did get almost as many comments praising the place as there were agreeing with my bad experience. So, don’t take my word for it. Please check it out and develop your own opinion.

I finally tried the new(ish) Sonic Drive-In in Post falls the other day and I wasn’t wildly impressed. There was certainly a ton of hype and excitement when this place opened, but why? I ordered the same thing I order 99% of the time at McDonalds, which was two regular cheeseburgers, no pickles and a small fries. I don’t trust most fast foods and this is a combo I feel pretty safe with. Well, I have to say the Sonic burgers didn’t seem quite as cheesy or fresh as McDonalds, and the fries were room temperature, something that rarely happens under the golden arches. The Sonic burgers were also priced about 60 cents higher than Mickey D’s. I also ordered a strawberry lime-aid, which was very tasty but really hard to drink while driving, because the strawberry chunks kept blocking the suction of the straw, requiring an awkward partial or full pull out and blow maneuver to clear the path. It wasn’t terrible, but I was expecting something more I guess. It’s very close to my workplace and it’s fast, so I’m sure I’ll be checking it out now and then on my lunch break.

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