Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get Out! and Vote

Election day is upon us and I beg you to drop in and visit the lovely active-senior volunteers at your local precinct voting location. The city council elections this year are very important to Get Out! because if those who would like to halt progress in this city get elected into office, I could very well run out of new places to write about! We like progress, we want more high-rises, more ugly-ass condos, more bikini bars, and especially we want Trader Joes! I'm perfectly happy to see my tax dollars go toward these things and anything else that might bring a little culture, interest, and excitement to this often rather dull "world-class resort town."

Certain people running for office would like to see this place revert back to the early 80's when the Cloud 9 Restaurant on the top (7th floor) of the North Shore Hotel was the loftiest place in Coeur d'Alene, both in elevation and poshness. Moving backwards is never a hot idea, and perhaps the anti-progress folks should face the reality that growth and development are just an inevitable part of this area's future. They should ask themselves if they really want continue to live here or perhaps start anew in somewhere less happening, like Troy, Montana. That's enough blather from me - whatever your position is, please just Get Out! and exercise your right to vote!

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