Thursday, November 1, 2007

Photo Slide Show: Halloween Madness at Mik-n-Mac's

Get Out! is just now beginning to recover from another wild Halloween bash-a-rooni at ye olde Mik-n-Mac's Lounge. The kids were really twisting to the hit parade and sipping colorful hi-balls. The undead corpse with disembodied head get-up won Best Costume prize and my friend Spacebilly won fifty bucks for Funniest in his lesbian high-school gym teacher costume. I must say, he makes a hideous gal. The entire bar staff dressed as pirates, and there were several slutty Dorothys wearing their ruby red platform heels. Everyone kept buying Smashing Pumpkins shots (Kahlua, Bailey's, Goldschlager) for Get Out! and Get Out! became wonderfully jolly and the night was suddenly wee but Get Out! managed to drag its ass to work in the morning anyway. Good times.

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