Friday, April 18, 2008

Local Music Radar: This Kid's Not Supposed to Be in the Family Portrait

Coeur d'Alene's This Kid's Not Supposed to Be in the Family Portrait wins the longest local band name award. They also win the Get Out Local Music Radar award for cool band of the week. For your convenience and delight, I copied and pasted their MySpace details below for you to peruse whilst you enjoy some of their indie-folk-from-space by clicking the magic music thingies at the bottom of this post.

Band Members:
Dan the Incurable Disease, Emily Lou Superpants, Rachel & Michael Sassenfrass

danielson. architechture in helsinki. the magnetic fields. all the regular ones. clap your hands say yeah. kings of convenience. sufjan stevens. little wings. m. ward. the clash. weezer. half handed cloud. wolf parade. neutral milk hotel. animal collective. the arcade fire. yo la tengo. the microphones. the flaming lips. beirut. philip glass. menomena. violent femmes. tilly and the wall. devotchka. bob dylan. the velvet underground. t monk. frog eyes. not drugs.

Sounds Like:
The sun had just bursted over the rolling hills and you're riding your bike, a puppy in your basket and the gentle southwestern wind blowing through your hair.

About Us:
This Kid's Not Supposed to Be in the Family Portrait is comparable to a gem. A multi-faceted gem as a matter of fact (or opinion, depending on perspective). Like a gem ,with its individual cuts gleaming in the arid blaze of an African day awaiting its discovery and eminent presentation to the public, we lie in waiting. Each member bringing awesomely eudeamonic attributes to our band.

Coming to a point, which we plan on doing, our music , although confusing and candid, is recomended for every person's (persons meaning your) palate, young or old,dissadant or velleitant, words mix together like pudding,and so do we? But if on the occasion that we don't...possibly you.

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