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What's the Buzz August 28 - September 3

The Week in Preview: Do the Mary Souza Disco Shimmy Shimmy

Thursday, August 28
Sammy Eubanks here. Sammy Eubanks there. Sammy Eubanks everywhere. It's Sammy Eubanks' world, we just live in it. I often wonder if there are two or three Sammy Eubanks' running around out there, it is with such ubiquity the man and his Spokane-based band play out in the Inland Northwest. Sammy is rivaled only by fellow big-bus Country act Kelly Hughes in their omnipresence. The Sammy Eubanks Band has opened for some pretty hot names: Merle Haggard, Kenny Chesney, Los lobos, BJ Thomas.

Tonight, Sammy and the boys end their summer-long Thursday gig at Templin's in Post Falls, but fear not! They won't be gone even an entire moon cycle with a return gig September 11 at Roadhouse Cycles/Hot Rod Cafe for "Thunder Thursday" so bring your thunder thighs and a flask full of sweet Southern Comfort to tuck into the buttery leather of your cowboy boot. Sammy Eubanks has the ugliest website on Earth, so thank goodness for his MySpace page.

Friday, August 29
Piles and piles of raw, steaming merriment can be found this weekend in St. Maries, where the annual Paul Bunyan Days festival will be taking place. Townsfolk celebrate the legendary forest giant and his blue ox Babe in some very interesting ways. Some highlights:

* Pet and Doll Parade
* Idaho's largest "topless" bar (no roof)
* Outhouse & bed races
* Youth dance with '50's costume contest
* Open karaoke in the park
* Fun Run & Junior Olympics
* Horse-drawn wagon rides
* Antique snowmobile show
* Community Band concert
* Merchants & Organizations Tug-of-War
* Christian Rock band "Forgivin'"
* Parade & Fireworks

All that and a weekend's worth of "Logger competitions". Whoo-wee, girls and boys. Better pack an extra Red Bull in your fannypacks: you're going to need a lot of stamina to tackle everything on the Paul Bunyan Days offer palette.

Click here for a .pdf with the full schedule of events,

Saturday, August 30
Starting at 3 p.m. today is the big "O'Funkfest" at O'Shay's in Coeur d'Alene. Our boy Tyler Wilson wrote all about it in the CDA Press, which means I don't really have to:

Local trio The Burlap Highrise headlines the O'Shay's party with their signature blend of "rock 'n' roll that reeks of Americana." Comprised of Jeff Runcorn on guitar and vocals, Nick Moses on bass and Bobby White on drums (and cowbell!), the band counts the Drive-By Truckers, Willie Nelson and Wilco as influences. But don't go hoping to hear a lot of covers. Burlap Highrise prefers to turn down drunken requests for "Freebird."

"I love going to bars for karaoke, but you can get that five
days a week everywhere else," White said.

Kicking around Coeur d'Alene since 2005, the band switches between high-energy outdoor gigs and acoustic shows in coffeehouse
s. They plan to stick with North Idaho as a home base, but a geographical expansion is in the works.

"Essentially, we're in the market for an old tour bus," White said.

Burlap Highrise just released a four-song EP, available at gigs and on the band's Web site. Sample music at www.theburlaphighrise.net.

Sunday, August 31
“Schweitzer Mountain Fall Fest” Facts:
Tasting tents featuring regional microbrews, wine and soda. Also enjoy chairlift rides, kids activities and free live music. Beer, wine and soda tasting, BBQ, and vendors from 11:00am - 6:00pm. Chairlift open from 10:00 am-7:00 pm. Admission to music is free. Prices vary for BBQ, beer, wine and soda tasting. Chairlift rides discounted; Full day for $10

Sunday Music Lineup:
Albeni Falls Pipes and Drums, 11:45am-12:30pm & 1pm (at mountain summit)

The Albeni Falls Pipes & Drums Band was formed as a fun band in which all skill levels of Scottish Pipers, Drummers and Highland Dancers could participate and enjoy performing in the community. The band is based in Sandpoint, Idaho, but the members live in many communities in Idaho & Washington.

The Clumsy Lovers, 1pm-2:30pm

“...a wildly energetic convergence of folk tradition and rock innovation”� - Cincinnati City Beat

Milonga, 3pm-6pm

Since its birth, Milonga has confidently grown and evolved into one of the Inland NW's most popular and celebrated music acts. Translated from Spanish, "Milonga" means party & dance. Milonga's infectious dance groove is inspired by the traditional music of countries like Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica and more modern classics from the United States.

View the full schedule here.

Clumsy Lovers Live at the Big Easy, Spokane 2008

Monday, September 1: Labor Day

Tuesday, September 2
Martinis and Megabytes: Of course tonight is the usual rollicking Karaoke and Keg Blowout down in the glory cove known as Mik-n-Mac’s. That’s not really what this entry is really about. It’s about how these days it’s become the norm to see someone llering from behind the pale blue glow of their laptop computer no matter place, time or appropriateness. Like me, right now. As I write this, I’m sitting in the middle of my mother’s kitchen typing away with a loud family gathering happening all around me: my aunt's birthday party. No one really notices or cares as I tune them in and out.

Anyway, there’s a blue-haired young woman, probably not much older than 21 who shows up faithfully each Tuesday for karaoke with her computer, which she puts on the table next to her beer, plugs in and gets down to business instant messaging or playing World of Warcraft or who knows what. She’ll get up to sing her song, then return immediately to behind the screen of her PC. OK, I can understand logging in at the cafĂ© or library, but the friggin’ booze bar, with drunks and chaos happening all around? It’s a bit much, methinks, but if it’s going to be trendy count me in! Maybe I’ll do some live blogging/webcamming/electrojamming action next time I'm out on the town…why the heck not?

Wednesday, September 3
OK. I came up with some great ideas for today.

1. Grab a mexican mocha and a scone at Calypso's.
2. Shop for used books at all the Thrift Stores and the Bookworm and Browsers. Load up on 'em. Overdo it.
3. Make lunch a sandwich and huckleberry lemonade at ye olde Sunshine Trader.
4. Cool down and relax at a matinee of the hit Abba film "Mamma Mia"
5. Have dinner at the garlic capital of North Idaho, the White House in Post Falls.

Actually, I must confess I totally stole the ideas from Inland Empire Girl who stole the ideas from me in the first place. Confusing? Check out her blog "Gathering Around the Table" for the whole thrilling story. She writes:
A few weeks ago I put out a thread that I wanted recommendations for used book stores in CdA. Silver Valley Girl and I were doing a sister day and I wanted to look for used books. I got lots of great suggestions. I also read the blog Get Out North Idaho by Orange TV which also runs as a print column in the SR. He featured information about events, concerts, restaurants and other things happening in the inland empire. I respect Orange's recommendations for places to dine. So off we went on Sister Day with the list of ideas for used book stores and places to eat thanks to Orange TV.
Hey thanks for the shout out, IEG. If you're reading this, leave a comment and let me know what cool places I need to hit next time I'm in your corner of the forest.

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Inland Empire Girl said...

FYI... nobody has been able to make a Mexican Mocha like Calypso's Coffee. I'll think about some places worth a visit up my way and get back to you.