Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Music: The Pop Eccentric

Name: The Pop Eccentric
Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, ID
Formed: 2007
"We like making noise... Pure and well thought out simplicity.
Raw dynamic fuzza-sonic chaotic sporadic neurotic eccentric transgressive sounds that ring to the ear. " - Pop Eccentric MySpace

This rather mysterious Cd'A gang makes an especially lovely brand of droning primarily instrumental psychedelic rock that divines inspiration equally from the trippy 60's (think the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows"), the experimental 70's as well as the underground dream-pop of the 80's, ultimately sounding like a jammier My Bloody Valentine or a way noisier Ummagumma-era Pink Floyd. Definitely one of Cd'A's most unique young bands and they've already made a name for themselves in Spokane's flourishing New Shoegaze scene that seems to have gained prominence in the Lilac City of late.

They've even been mentioned favorably in the pages of the Inlander a few times recently for their very loud, trance-inducing gigs. I'd love to see a hometown show but where? Most venues here are set up for intimate acoustic guitarists strumming all folksy-like, not the waves of crashing guitar noise and feedback created by the Pop Eccentric. For now you'll have to head west and catch them at one of their SpoVegas gigs like the one at the Caterina Winery as advertised in the flyer to the left. For now follow this link to download mp3s of a weird, warpy sounding cassette recording of an excellent recent gig. Get into a recording studio, my sweets, and pronto!

Band Members:
Miguel - Guitar, Synth
Brenan - Guitar, Synth
Tyler - Guitar, Synth, Bass
Brianne - Drums, Vocals


Cluster, Brian Eno, The Fall, John Cage, Joao Gilberto, Ray Davies, Polvo, Stereolab, Devo, Bruce Haack, Steve Reich, Roland Kirk, Raymond Scott, tortoise, Television, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nick Drake, the ocean, Broadcast, Cocteau Twins, Faust, drum machines, Slowdive, lush, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Kraftwerk, Neu!, Boards of Canada, Joy Division, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, the brian jonestown massacre, the black angels, Beck, the telescopes, The Clientele, Blonde Redhead, neon lights, alcohol, outerspace, coffee, and some other stuff.

Web Links:
Pop Eccentric MySpace

MP3: (Right-click and Save)
Song for Another Day
We Will Live in the Space Age

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