Monday, March 9, 2009

Get Out! Moving to Sundays

Attention Get Out! print readers: We are pleased to announced that the Get Out column will be moving to the meaty Sunday edition of the Spokesman-Review starting 3/15 as part of the new, improved Handle Extra section, along with the music and arts calendar and other beloved favorites such as DFO's Huckleberries, Nils Rosdahl's business beat, and cranky Herb with his Bayview jazz. The Prairie Voice section is being incorporated into the Handle Extra, something I thought actually should have happened a long time ago.

Maybe I'm a dying breed, but I still really enjoy spending a few hours in bed on Sunday mornings listening to the Beatles and poring over the massive morning paper with all the ads spread all around. The Handle Extra will also still be available free in various bank lobbies, diners and gas station racks all over North Idaho. If you don't like to mess with inky hands, of course you can read the current column each week right here on this website, often in extended form with "bonus paragraphs." Thanks for reading!


Bay Views said...

Cranky? Call me lovable Herb. Didn't do two valemntines day spreads featuring area love stories? Cranky indeed.

OrangeTV said...

Herb, I didn't say you weren't loveable. You can be cranky and loveable at the same time. Frankly, I'm cranky too. It's the new hot thing, crankiness. Anyone who's anyone is cranky these days. Cheers to cranks!

Bay Views said...

I claim aged priviledge. when you attain the age of 70, or on the 23rd, 71, you become a member of the curmudgeons and as such have the rights and privileges of curmudgeon hood. (see yah Sunday)