Friday, April 17, 2009

Fluky Friday Find: My Dear Helen

Found: Weird anonymous note on ugly stationary.

Where: Tucked in back cover of 70's kids' picture book about US Presidents found on 10 cent book clearance shelf, Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store.

What: Scrawly, incoherent writing and bizarre, disconnected content of letter indicates writer was under the influence of liquor or perhaps some type of hallucinogen. What were they trying to get across to poor Helen and how did she take it? It reads:

"My dear Helen,
I'm bedazzled and bedridden and have forsaken the most unholly (sic) Christmas and whole sake (?) the most d... Helen, oh helen, I know in my sixth grade you were the one, I've been waiting for you. All this time I have. Risked the sunset for oceans lost, but Helen, you know how to punish my holes. You knew but I haven't forgotten. Helen, oh Helen, I'll repair your sink. And only your pizzas will sufice (sic) the cold war. Don't forget I remember and all is warm..."

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Beth Bollinger said...

This is so fascinating. Thank you for posting and translating. Helen, oh Helen....