Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mothers Day Buffet at Bistro on Spruce

We were having trouble thinking of something different to do this year with Mom on Mother's Day this Sunday, May 12. That is, until this web flyer from Bistro on Spruce arrived in our inbox today and made our tummies grumble with fond thoughts of good food and moms (and good food). Plus, look how affordable! Amazing price for such a lavish buffet, and I hear Chef Chris Mueller is one of the best in town.

After you indulge, take Mom to the free annual NIC Wind Symphony & Madrigal Singers Concert at the gazebo in Cd'A City Park at 2 p.m. Your mom will be so pleased,maybe she'll even forgive you for that Christmas you and Grandma drank too many Hot Buttered Rums and knocked over the tree dancing wildly together to "Jingle Bell Rock".

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Anonymous said...

Totally disappointing experience at the Mother's Day Buffet at Bistro on Spruce. They put is in an office space next door to the restaurant. It felt like a church potluck. The buffet was mediocre at best. However, when a dirty man came out with a nasty bucket of fruit salad to refill the buffet, I nearly lost it. For dessert? Grocery store purchased (still in the plastic containers) cookies! For $20 a person! They must have made a killing.