Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Battle on the Beach: Cd'A Hosts Rap Contest

Is there a Lil' Wayne or maybe a Vanilla Ice trapped deep inside you just itching to take the stage and throw down mad rhymes? Indulge your inner hip-hop superstar by entering "Battle on the Beach", a freestyle rap competition happening this upcoming Saturday 8/22 at noon at the City Park Bandshell in Coeur d'Alene.

My experience rapping is 1) tried Missy Elliott's "Work It" one time on karaoke night and failed miserably. 2) recorded a song called "Trim Your Bush" for the 2004 election which featured a short rap including the lines "It's a hairy situation/to overthrow the administration/time for America to buy some razors/eliminate the haters." This is why I will definitely NOT be participating. However, it might be fun to check out at least. I just don't get enough opportunities to break out my oversized, diamond-encrusted "P" pendant. Bling bling!

Here are the details & rules as posted on Craigslist by the organizers. (What? No profanity? What kind of rap is that?)

$50 gets you a spot in the competition
$300 grand prize + Demo CD (compliments of Flipside Studios - Spokane, WA)
Runner ups - you get the satisfaction of performing in front of a TON of people!

Rap performance competition going down this summer at the park in Coeur d'Alene, ID. You can freestyle if you'd like, but it's not necessary. We'll have rappers from Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City to compete with you. It will be a bracket-style competition with rappers being judged by the crowd in groups of 3. Sound equipment/engineer provided, you only need to provide your instrumentals/beats. If you have a live band or DJ, you'll be required to set up and run your own equipment (due to insurance reasons). As of now, we are accepting 25 performers - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! That number could change in the future, so hurry and reserve your spot.

Official contest rules and prize information:
1. Absolutely no profanity! It's a public park and there are bound to be children present. If you curse during your song, you will be immediately disqualified (If you have questions on what is acceptable, feel free to call me)
2. Each contestant will get 5 minutes per act to perform a full song. No freestyle skills necessary, so you have time to make it good! Come prepared with more than one song in case you make it to the next round (3 is ideal)
3. There will be short intermissions after every few acts
4. Each contestant is responsible for sending in their own music. You can bring it the day of, but you might be pushing it.
5. Instrumentals do not have to be original work, however, you will be required to indicate original composer(s) and those credits will be announced before and after each song.
6. After 3 artists/crews finish performing, the crowd (applausometer), as well as a couple of judges will decide who moves on to the next round of the tournament.
7. Studio time scheduling will be determined by the winner and Flipside Studios
8. "Demo CD" will be recorded and mixed by Flipside studios and will consist of 4-6 songs. THIS IS NOT A FULLY MASTERED ALBUM. Mastering and duplication discussions are to be had with Flipside Studios.
9. $300 Grand Prize will be paid out the night of the event.
10. $50 entry fee due ASAP
11. Payment can be made by cash, check, or paypal
13. Lyrical content is not restricted, as long as you are within the 'no cursing' guidelines.
14. Last of all, be a good sport if you lose! We don't need any fights because you suck at rapping!

Keep in mind that with the crowd that each performer will bring, the people that the advertising will bring and the local traffic downtown, you could be performing in front of hundreds to thousands of people. This could be your break! You'd better make it worth it. Call and reserve your spot now! 208-651-4890

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