Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Live Music Previews, Video Style - Sept. 16-19

Summer is drawing to an official close this week and there just aren't quite as many fabulous goings-on in the area as there have been the last few months. The entertainment calendar may be starting to look a wee bit anemic, but there's no still no reason to sit around home and mope, as proven by these upcoming events:

Wednesday, September 16

Ronnie Jordan (Comedy) - 7 p.m., Edminster Student Union Building Activities Center, North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene, (208) 665-5459.

This Atlanta-based comedian was voted "Most Wittiest" in high school and has been cracking up audiences across the USA since 2001. He has opened for Earth, Wind & Fire and is a regular on TV's "That Comedy Show", which airs on the Turner South Network.

Thursday, September 17

RevCo (Industrial/Rock) – 7 p.m., The Grail, 4720 W. Seltice Way, Coeur d'Alene, (208) 665-5882.

RevCo (originally Revolting Cocks) started as an industrial music supergroup put together by Richard 23 of Front 242, Luc Van Acker, and Al Jourgensen of Ministry. In 1990, the band released the trash classic "Beers, Steers and Queers" album on the legendary Wax Trax record label. Shortened to RevCo, it has mutated into an entirely different animal. Last original member Jorgenson is still involved in recording, but hired three young newbies to perform the songs on tour, which alienated most of the original fans. Still, the performance promises to bring some rare sleazy fun to town. Circus freak Jim Rose and local acts Left Spine Down, Blownload, Grounded and 33 open the festivities.

Friday, September 18

Herrick (Country) – 8 p.m., Big Al's Country Club, 6361 W. Seltice Way, Stateline, 777-8312. Xx

"Fabulous! The performance they gave was exciting and energetic!
Herrick gave the most professional and extremely thrilling performances we have ever had here at the festival. The crowd was exhilarated their performance and gave an explosive response."
Connie Bergram / Executive Director, Festival at Sandpoint

Los Pinguos (Latin/Indie) - 8 p.m., Panida Theater, 300 First Ave., Sandpoint, (208) 263-9191. xx

All the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Los Pinguos play a mixture of Latin rhythms, performed with Spanish guitars, a Cuban Tres, Peruvian caj√≥n (box-drum) and harmonizing vocals. After relocating to Los Angeles in the early 90's, they won the Grand Prize of Ed McMahon's short-lived "Star Search" follow-up "The Next Big Star" on TV. Los Pinguos’ music has appeared in TV shows such as "The Shield", "The L Word", and is featured in the Antonio Banderas and Emma Thompson film "Imagining Argentina" as well as the new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie.

Polyphonic Pomegranate (Funk/Rock) – 9 p.m., Downtown Crossing, 206 N. First Ave., Sandpoint, (208) 265-5080. xx

Polyphonic Pomegranate's MySpace claims "We provide a high energy electric set that gives the entire crowd restless leg syndrome." The popular Boise jazz-funk are regulars in Sandpoint, where their jammy style of music has found an enthusiastic fan base.

Saturday, September 19

Brian Crain (Classical/Pop) – 7p.m., Kroc Center Theater, 1765 W. Golf Course Rd., Coeur d'Alene, (208) 763-0627. Xx

Coeur d'Alene's Brian Crain has recorded 14 albums of his original piano compositions. His music is tinkly and soothing, not exactly easy listening but certainly relaxing, ambient and beautiful. Over the years, he has contributed music to various kid's movies and some of his songs are used as theme music and background music for television dramas and commercials in Asia. His works include "Spring Symphonies", which was recorded with the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, and "Ringtones", an electronic project recorded with in collaboration with his friend Tom Taylor.

Jimmie Van Zant Band(Rock/Country) – 7 p.m., The Grail, 4720 W. Seltice Way, Coeur d'Alene, (208) 665-5882. Xx

The Florida-born brother of Lynyrd Skynyrd's late Ronnie Van Zant brings his "Show No Mercy" to town. According to Ronnie, “I have always believed that music can change peoples’ lives and if I can do something to make someone’s life a little more enjoyable, then I feel I have done my job well. That is why I am here and that is also the reason why there is Southern Rock.”

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