Tuesday, December 29, 2009

9 Easy Questions: Christa Jennings

Christa Jennings is the most studious gal I know, and also the studliest. Not only did she earn a 3.85 GPA on last semester's report card, she did so while slinging drinks at one of Cd'A's more chaotic nightspots, the Baja Bargarita. She'll pour them nice and strong for you, my dear Liza, just how you like. But y'all bettah show mama some sugah or she'll give you an eye roll that could cut a bitch like a sharp knife through a juicy lime and it will feel good. When her future career as a social worker goes bust, she could always open the Elvis museum in her spare room to the public and make a few bucks. Christa was enough recently to fill us in on what puts the Viva in her Coeur d'Vegas.

1. Favorite place to go for breakfast:
The Breakfast Nook, I love the crab benedict.

2. Favorite place to grab a sandwich for lunch: It used to be the Sunshine Trader but now they are an Italian place so I'm not sure who my favorite is...

3. Best Mexican restaurant: Toro Viejo of course, my whole family loves it we ate there a lot even before I worked at Baja.

4. Best Chinese restaurant: There is no good Chinese in this town. This town is not great for ethnic food, I don't think.

5. Best place to get sushi: I usually go to Takara because it is close to Baja and I can get there quickly before or after work. I also like their teriyaki stuff.

6. Best fast food joint: I like Paul Bunyan, they have good burgers and it's affordable. They also have the best onion rings.

7. Most frequented bar or nightclub: I am mostly at the Baja because I work 4 nights a week, but when I'm not at the Baja I go to Mik-n-Macs. That was my home for 10 years so I like to go see my friends there.

8. Someone offers to buy you a drink. What do you order? I usually order a Heineken with a lime, and if they don't mind spending the money sometimes a shot of Patron.

9. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why? It would probably be Neapolitan because you get 3 flavors in one and I like variety and change.

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