Tuesday, December 8, 2009

9 Easy Questions: Dani Mahoney Clarkson

As the director of North Idaho AIDS Coalition, Dani Mahoney Clarkson deals with some pretty serious business. Along with basic AIDS education and prevention, she has worked tirelessly, without a tremendous amount of help, to bring assistance to local adults and children who have been afflicted with the debilitating disease and are who aren't able to provide themselves with meals and other basics. Dani is also a rock star wife (her husband Scott is a guitarist in popular local act KITE) and a brand new mom, having had her gorgeous daughter Prudence several months ago. Recently, Dani was nice enough to tell us what puts the pretty red ribbon around her free condom packet:

1. Favorite place to go for breakfast:
Rustlers Roost~ Woody's breakfast kicks your arse for under ten bucks!

2. Favorite place to grab a sandwich for lunch: Capones~ There is just something about the midtown air.

3. Best Mexican restaurant: Toro Veijo~ Nothin' like Fundido.

4. Best Chinese restaurant: Chinese Gardens~ I don't eat a lot of Chinese food, but when I do, it is from Chinese Gardens. Can't get enough crab rangoons!

5. Best place to get sushi: Syringa~ I love Syringa.

6. Best fast food joint:Mexican Food Factory~ Just had a baby, so I loaded on the salsa around the 9th month. I think it helped.

7. Most frequented bar or nightclub: What happens at the "Horse" stays at the horse.

8. Someone offers to buy you a drink. What do you order? Red Wine. They say it's good for you.

9. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why? Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter & Chocolate, I can't say anything more:)

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