Tuesday, January 5, 2010

9 Easy Questions: Tracey Vaughn

It seems like I've known Tracey Vaughn for 179 years. Well, that couldn't be actually, since we're both so very young and vivacious. Tracey's latest gig is teaching drama and English at the Cd'A Charter Academy and if she's not busy with that, she's organizing an "our gang" anti-class reunion for next summer. We recently asked her what puts the climax in her Act II, and her answers were short but sweet, just like she is.

1. Favorite place to go for breakfast: Michael D's or Mulligan's.

2. Favorite place to grab a sandwich for lunch: Bella Rose.

3. Best Mexican restaurant: Toro Viejo.

4. Best Chinese restaurant: Panda Express (sad, I know.)

5. Best place to get sushi: Syringa or Takara...I'm torn.

6. Best fast food joint: Subway.

7. Most frequented bar or nightclub: The Underground.

8. Someone offers to buy you a drink. What do you order? A nice red wine.

9. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why? Chocolate Chip Mint because I am complex and surprisingly refreshing! Hahahah.

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