Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Press Release: New KITE in the Wind


Coeur d’Alene Recording Artists KITE set to release the title track to their forthcoming album: We Are Now.  The album will be unveiled slowly, one song at a time, through the 2010-11, online.

On August 3rd, 1997, local performance and recording artists KITE (Coeur d’Alene residents Scott Clarkson, Michael Koep, and Mark Rakes) released their first offering Gravity as a multimedia box set of music, paintings and a seventy page journal detailing the beginnings of the band and the making of the project. Following the ambitious release, the band began an odyssey of touring and produced several subsequent releases— each with its own  “over the top” character and unique approach. 
On August 31, 2010, KITE plans to again provide its own brand of artistic experience by releasing their latest album entirely online, one song at a time through 2010-11.  The album’s title track, “We Are Now,” will be available to download on 8/31/10at, on iTunes, Amazon and other online music outlets. In keeping with KITE tradition, a painting and lyric will also be available in the download package. 
 KITE plans to return to the stage in the late fall of 2010.    
 KITE would like to thank the Northwest for their enduring support.
“Awe inspiring!” --Brian Tripplett, Eastern Washington University Review.
“Powerfully expressive. Positively riveting.” --John CollingeProgression Magazine;
“North Idaho’s finest original rock band,” --Patrick Jacobs, Orange Television / Spokesman Review

When Michael Koep (drums, cymbals and vocals), Mark Rakes (bass guitar and vocals) and Scott Clarkson (guitar) released their first album  (Gravity, 1997), it sparked a history of writing, performing and enduring craftsmanship. KITE has built a reputation for the care they put into their records and the concentrated force of their performances. The ensemble leans deep into focused showmanship, and incite random smiles and spontaneous dance moves. KITE songs are in every way unique, urgent, important and substance driven. Like their fans, KITE endeavors for themes and melodies that inspire and move. And for their fans, they deliver.

1997: KITE, Gravity, CD
2000: KITE, In Memory of the Sketch, Live CD
2002: KITE, Lost All Age, Drafts, CD
2004: KITE, Live At The Playground, DVD
2006: KITE, Sleeping In Thunder, CD

KITE is available for interviews.  Please contact Mark Rakes: 208 964 1633.
Please visit KITE's website at <> for more.


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