Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday Funday 4th Street Pub Crawl

I've always loved the term "pub crawl". It brings to mind visions of  people so tanked they have to crawl on their hands and knees to the next bar so they can continue the madness and get even more tanked. Not that I would actually know what it's like to get so tanked  that I have to crawl to the next bar, no sir-ee, not I.

Anyway, this coming Sunday starting at 3 p.m. a "Sunday Funday Pub Crawl" is planned that will take revelers from midtown to downtown via 4th Street, hitting every possible bar in between. The event is being organized by Jarrod Batchelder, a local real estate agent who has been involved with putting downtown Cd'A pub crawls together for the better part of the past decade. This is actually the first one that doesn't stick to the beaten path of Sherman Avenue bars and lounges and if successful, will become a regular occurrence.

Batchelder says the "theme" of the 4th Street crawl is "Graffiti" and for the $25 entry fee, participants will receive a blank white tee shirt upon which their fellow crawlers, or bartenders, or whoever can go crazy writing obscenities using a fresh Sharpie marker. Crawlers will also receive a baseball cap commemorating the event and bracelet which will entitle the wearer to free or extremely discounted drinks at the participating bars along the way. Not a bad deal, really, and it promises to be a wild way to close out the summer with a bang. Be sure to bring your kneepads!

The Sunday Funday 4th Street Pub Crawl will be hitting these fine establishments in the order listed below:

Kelly's Irish Pub
9 Below
Moose Lounge
Iron Horse

For more info or to reserve a spot call Jarrod Batchelder at (208) 699-1652

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Scott said...

Jarrod u rule dont forget to call scotts taxi 208 704 6663 be sure all the crawlers be safe and call scotts taxi so u can crawl again im going to try to do a crawl this summer with u all