Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Videos: Spectacluar Waterfront Home/Johnny Lee James Band

Does anyone even bother fiddling around with quaint antiques like iPods, compact discs, and 8-track tapes anymore? Not really - everyone spends hours gathering their children and drinking buddies together in front of the computer monitor to bask under the red and white glow of a freshly-opened YouTube page. YouTube was recently shown to be where the most number of people go when they have a sudden whim to hear the Captain and Tenille or whatever. Well, at least that's how we roll at the Get Out North Idaho headquarters.

I can't even recall all of the great and semi-great and not-so-great and very-not-great local musicians I've became aware of along with all the other madness I've unwittingly unearthed from the underbrush of the web by poking around  and simply typing in keyword searches like "coeur d'alene music", "sandpoint free jazz reggae jam", or possibly "athol fire department all-male revue". Sadly, that last search brought up nothing., so get to WORK boys.

A YouTube search for "Coeur d'Alene" brings up a lot of real estate tour videos. Personally, I hadn't fully devoted myself to investigation this particular genre of film, but I clicked my way though a few with an open (house) mind.

I MUST locate the artist who created the copyright-free soundtrack to this gem . The most pristine, canned mid-80s jazz-lounge noodley saxophone mingles seductively with a fretless bass line and a jazzy Rhodes keyboard enters in to create a sort-of burgundy ultra-suede musical backdrop for all the yuppie crusted flotsam and jestam that lurks within the walls of this bloated log cabin on weak 70s cocaine.

We were too entranced by the music to spend a lot of energy paying attention to what was happening on our first walk through., so we hit replay.  The exterior evokes a cross between a Stevie Nicks obsession and a trip through a 1995 Coldwater Creek catalog, but I do I do approve of the bear prints emblazoned on the bathroom tiles, naturally. The living room is disturbingly over the top, a stone fireplace made by stoned elves, sculptures glue-gunned together using the bones and parts of random mammals and sea creatures.And doesn't everyone keep their life-size jade statue of Mary on a pedestal next to their giant 1980s console television?

Sadly, there was no obvious booze in the kitchen, so we move on to a dining room featuring what looks like a gigantic and deadly bird of prey and he's thinking hard about the best way to swoop up and disappear with your bottom lip. The gorgeous stone wine cellar is where I'll be staying a while so they might as well install a Spleep-omatic and hand me my phone so I can start calling Chinese Gardens for non-stop deliveries of Special Lunch Number 3. It boils down to the fact that the tune is a stunning and epic Elevator classic and it ends on a spiritual note, with Sandy Zoller's angelic, smiling countenance drifting us ever so gently out of this Spectacluar Watefront Home

Coeur d'Alene's Johnny Lee James Band are a mysterious and fresh entry onto the local music scene, it seems. So far, this evidence via facebook is all we've got to go by: Facebook bio: "The Johnny Lee James Band is known for their long jams and music improvisation..Comparable to bands such as the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and Phish, you will hear the sweet sounds of the saxophone, fiddle, harmonica, trumpet and keys."

Okay kids, I won't pick on your favorite bands. But I will say I wasn't expecting this Pink Floyd cover to go off quite like it did. It's a rough and raw interpretation of the song and ends up sounding (to these ears at least) like an improvisational collaboration between Kurt Cobain, the Psychedelic Furs, and Sonic Youth with harmonicas. It's quite extended and it doesn't always come together, but when it does it's tight, mature and effective. Time to come up with areal name for your band, boys, and start writing original material. You may be on to something here...Forgive the desperation that creeps in toward the end after the song has ended.

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