Monday, April 7, 2008

Nine Silly Questions: Kim Blaylock

Watch this spot on Mondays for a new Get Out "Man on the Street" series in which I accost random innocent people and finagle them into answering nine silly questions about their dining and drinking habits.

Kicking things off is local Service Advisor Kim Blaylock, a tiny, fierce woman who knows how to live it up and suffer next-day repercussions with a smile.

1. Favorite Mexican Restaurant in North Idaho and why you think it’s so cool?

I love Toro Viejo in Post Falls on Pleasant View Road. The manager, Rafael, has been there many years and is always happy to see me. It’s just a fun and good experience.

2. Favorite Asian Restaurant in North Idaho and why you think it’s so cool?

For Chinese, I like the one next to Rob’s Seafood in Post Falls (Golden Dragon). Overall though, it’s Takara, even if I’m not in the mood for sushi. The New York Dinner is sublime too!

3. North Idaho food place you’d suggest avoiding if possible?
Jackpot truck stop. You’d think the food would be fresh – it’s not. Also, it’s pretty dirty.

4. Best local place to relax with a cocktail?
El Patio Bar & Grill – I love this bar. Very friendly, relaxing, and good people.

5. Favorite Grocery or C-Store deli?
Gittels Grocery on Government Way. Clean, convenient and 3 hot dogs for $1.19!

6. Most Beloved Breakfast Joint? What do you usually order?
Old European in the Spokane Valley (note: I think there’s also a location in Post Falls.) I love the Eggs Benedict and fresh Orange Juice.

7. Favorite Fast Food haunt? Micky D’s. Great grease to sop up last night’s cocktails…

8. Someone offers to buy you a drink. What do you order?
Bull Blaster (Red Bull & Jagermeister.) Blast me baby!

9. Most frequented Coffee Stop/Espresso Stand?
Castle Coffee. It’s close to work, it's run by a nice gal, and is a bit more economical.

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