Sunday, May 4, 2008

Izabella @ Eichardt's Pub Tues 05/06

OK young hippies, put down that triple-chamber bong, it's time to get out of your musty basements and stomp around to some jam-based live music. Tripping through Sandpoint on Tuesday night in support of most recent self-released CD "In the West" is Izabella, a Sacramento, California based psychedelic/roots music band or as they describe themselves on their MySpace page "Dance rock with a cherry on top". Bring some bongos, I have a big hunch random drum circles will be breaking out all night. Izabella perform at Eichardt's
Pub, 2121 Cedar Street from 9 p.m. until the shrooms start to wear off.

Band Info Via MySpace:

Band Members:

Band Members
Murph - bass/guitar...
Sean Lehe - guitar/vocals...
Lucas Carlton - drums/percussion...
Brian Rogers - percussion/guitar/bass/vocals...
Sam Phelps - keyboard/synth/vocals...

About Us:

Bringing positive vibrations to your community through song, dance and celebration.

Izabella was born out of years of musical connections. Like many bands before, and many yet to come, the search for new music is what ultimately brings these musicians together. The love of the improvisational/jam community is what drives and inspires them to push forward. Sean Lehe (guitar/vocals), Lucas Carlton (drums) and Murph (bass/guitar) spent four years recording and touring with Bay Area jamband, Home At Last. With a desire for a fresh start, the trio decided in the spring of 2006 to branch out with a new face and renewed sense of purpose. After years of networking in the scene, close connections were made with some of the most talented players around. As a result, the trio has grown to a five-piece machine following a musical merger with Sacramento based “Four Guys From Reno”. The Sacramento boys bring the soulful energy of Brian Rogers (vocals/bass/percussion/guitar) and the chunky funk of Sam Phelps (keyboard/vocals). Brian and Sam have been musical brothers since High School and have already created an impressive legacy of solo recordings.

The intent of this group is to develop a musical space that is exploratory, challenging AND accessible. Inspired genre-bending songwriting, danceable energy, and emotive vocals are the key ingredients toward this end. No musical experience, however, is complete without strong community. As Izabella was born from musical connections, so will it thrive and grow with positive connections made in the community.

The band made big strides in its first year of operation. After 80 gigs from March to December of ‘07, exceptional performances at Bobolink Music Festival and Las Tortugas Dance of the Dead, and sit-ins with Tim Carbone and Andy Goessling of Railroad Earth and Scott Law, this band has created a huge buzz in California. In January of 2008, the Izabella boys released their second studio creation "In The West", and began to tour fulltime and nationwide. The first release, "Dream When You Sleep", was recently picked up for distribution in Japan by Grey Dog's Records.

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