Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nine Silly Questions: Dave Oliveria

Dave Oliveria is the ringmaster extraordinaire over at the local internet circus Huckleberries Online. We happen to share opinion space in the Spokesman-Review's Handle Extra section on Saturdays, now available free at a news stand near you. This week, he has also agreed to be the willing victim of our nine silly questions:

1. Favorite Mexican Restaurant in North Idaho and what’s so cool about it?

Toro Viejo in downtown Coeur d'Alene. I always order the steak fajitas because I know the meal is going to be good and filling -- the best dish of its kind in town. The decor is OK. Adding more to the Mexican flavor of the place is the fact that the servers often can't speak English. It provides me with an opportunity to practice my Spanish. I've dined at Azteca in Riverstone the last two times I've gone out for Mexican food because family visitors wanted to go there. The meals were over-priced and so-so. My favorite Mexican fast food is the grilled stuft burrito at Taco Bell.

2. Favorite Asian Restaurant in North Idaho and what’s so cool about it?

Canton Restaurant of yesteryear. Nothing particular now. My son selected a family dinner at Canton to announce to my wife and me that he was in love with a young lady he eventually married. So it's a special place. I've been meaning to try Chinese Gardens again (as a result of the recent OrangeTV review). I'm not impressed with Oriental food in North Idaho.

3. North Idaho food place you’d suggest avoiding if possible and why?

I was unpleasantly surprised by the cost and mediocre quality of a hamburger at Hot Rod Cafe during a recent business. The feel of the place is top-notch. But I couldn't believe I paid $10 for a burnt burger with a side order of fries (that I ate with chop sticks to impress my brothers and brother-in-law). A sassy waitress who wouldn't put up with my brother's light-hearted guff was the only thing worth mentioning later.
4. Local place you’d be most likely to take out of town visitors and why?

We usually go downtown for coffee at Java On Fourth, a bite in one of the Sherman Avenue eateries and then a walk around on the boardwalk and along City Beach. However, I've been adding a stop at Riverstone to view all the construction, the manmade lake and The Feathers public art nearby.

5. Favorite local town for a day trip and why?

Sandpoint. Hands down. I thoroughly enjoy the quirky artsy-fartsy nature of the downtown area and a trip to Foster's Crossing for a bowl of soup and a sandwich -- and to check out the used books.

6. Most Beloved Breakfast Joint? What do you usually order?

Rustler's Roost. I enjoy the cowboy feel to Woody McEvers' place -- and shooting the breeze with Woody if he's around. I keep things pretty simple because I don't usually eat breakfast ... mebbe 2 eggs over easy with hash browns, ham and the side order of muffins and gravy. The skillet offerings at the local Denny's aren't bad either for a faster food place.

7. Favorite North Idaho bar/club/night spot and why?

I rarely, if ever, go to a bar/club/night spot; so, I'd have to say Capone's simply because the pub and its employees have performed superbly in hosting the last two HBO Blogfests.

8. Someone offers to buy you a drink. What do you order?

I was last offered a drink at Blogfest '07, and I turned it down in favor of a lemonade. I rarely have any alcohol to drink in public although I drink a half glass of wine each evening before bed. If push came to shove, I'd order a glass of Merlot or white Zinfandel. Never a hard drink.

9. Most frequented North Idaho Coffee Shop/Espresso Stand?

Java on Fourth (although I've been there only once since the new owner took over). I prefer to wi-fi there. Usually, I go to Starbucks near Coeur d'Alene's Albertson's if I'm meeting someone for a conversation because we can hide out in the corners and talk relatively privately.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking DFO the questions - now I know 900% more about eating out in the area than before.