Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nine Silly Questions: Quincy Clark

My lunch partner, my sister, my nightmare. On his business cards he's Quincy Starling. He’s the legendary Q and it’s time to find out what it takes for this bulldog-loving adult film casting director/future possible law-enforcement student/beauty school dropout to feel sort of alright about living in this neck of the woods. “It ain’t no Seattle, but there are a few cool spots.”

1. Favorite Mexican Restaurant in North Idaho and what’s so cool about it?

Ranch Viejo (Post Falls). I just like the atmosphere, the food is always good. Their enchiladas rock and everything is so authentic – the staff only speaks Spanish it seems.

2. Favorite Asian Restaurant in North Idaho and what’s so cool about it?

Canton (Downtown Cd’A). Wow, the food is really good there lately and it’s just one of those traditional Coeur d’Alene gathering spots. Good service too – we love the super-friendly hostess/waitress, she’s been there for ages

3. North Idaho food place you’d suggest avoiding if possible?

Taco Bell, all locations.

4. Local place you’d be most likely to take out of town visitors?


5. Favorite local town for a day trip and why?

Murray, Idaho. The drive is beautiful and lunch at the fun,crazy Sprag Pole Inn is always nice.

6. Most Beloved North Idaho Breakfast Joint? What do you usually order?

Michael D’s (East Cd’A). The “aspiring” omelet is dagnabit good!

7. Favorite North Idaho bar/club/night spot and why?

Nowhere in town – I like Irv’s in Spokane. It’s small, quaint and the boys are hot. Plus, they have courtyard smoking.

8. Someone offers to buy you a drink. What do you order?

Mandarin vodka & soda.

9. Most frequented North Idaho Coffee Shop/Espresso Stand?

2B2 Café in Hayden. Also, Joe’s coffee hut on Appleway is the best!

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