Monday, June 23, 2008

Nine Silly Questions: Jenny McLeod

Jenny McLeod is my most fab cubicle neighbor ever but she flat-out refused to let me take her pic for this post. So, since she's really digs turtles for some reason, and has them coming out the wazoo (erm, at least her desk does), here's a nice turtle photo instead.

1. Which North Idaho establishment serves to most delicious burgers and what makes them so great?

Thad's at the Flying J near Stateline. Nice and greasy. Super good if you're hung over.

2. What’s your favorite local place to go out on the town for a few drinks, maybe some live music or dancing and what do you like about it?

I like Chillers. Cheap beer, cheap booze and let's not forget about the cheap women! The bands aren't always good, but you're drunk, so who cares?

3. Who serves the best breakfast in North Idaho and what are you most likely to order when you go there?

Rustler's Roost, of course. I love their fried potatoes.

4. What is your favorite type of Asian cuisine and which area restaurant serves it up the best and why do you think so? What do you like to order?

We won't go to anywhere in town. My favorite Chinese Place is Peking North in Spokane. I always order the combo plate thet has EVERYTHING on it.

5. Which area Mexican restaurant is the best and why do you think so? What do you like to order?

Toro Viejo in downtown Cd'A. I love their nachos and their huge glasses of beer.

6. What’s your favorite North Idaho activity that requires little or no money but provides a whole day of fun and entertainment?

Going for a nice drive up the Coeur d'Alene River.

7. Where was the worst dining experience you’ve had at a local restaurant/lounge and what was so rotten about it?

Tomato Street was terrible. We found hair in our food and the service was terrible.

8. Someone offers to but you a drink. What do you order and why?

A shot of tequila and a beer chaser cuz that's just how I roll!

9. What place, restaurant or otherwise, do you take out-of-town visitors to leave them with a good impression of North Idaho?

Tony's or Wolf Lodge for lake and steak .

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