Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's The Buzz September 4-10

The Week In Preview: The Taste of Her Cherry Chapstick.

Thursday, September 4
I’m not sure what makes a louder noise at the Hot Rod Café every Thunder Thursday, the bikes or the band. They call it Thunder Thursday for a reason; the sound of dozens of bad ass motorcycles roaring and revving is like a giant rainy T-storm rolling in suddenly and causing critters large and small to scurry for cover. Joining in the cacophony is a live cover band performing for the leather-clad, bandanna’d masses. Tonight, Spokane's ubiquitous Rock Bottom will be providing the neccesary guitar-solo-induced facial tics and general Bon Jovi moments. All this plus cheapo crispy tacos for $1.00 and Budweiser ladies for whom the acid-washed jeans era never ended.

If the noise level gets to be too much for you, you probably should go down the street to the home for the old and uninteresting. Or you can just sneak inside the Hot Rod Café and enjoy a Velvet Hammer (triple sec, light creme de cacao, grenadine and vanilla ice cream) or two. Or seven.

Rock Bottom "Silent Lucidity"

Friday, September 5
When I visited relatives in Sacramento, California several Christmases ago, “prince of Americana” Jackie Greene was the hottest thing down there since strawberry-rhubarb pie, but no-one outside of the bay area had heard of him yet. He’s since made a national name for himself, touring his skinny-jeansed little tush off, palling around with ex-members of the Grateful Dead and releasing a series of albums, each more acclaimed than the last.

My lovely musical cousin Holly Holt is actually a friend of Jackie’s and sang backup vocals on one of his old albums. Greene is a memorable songsmith and his sound comes across at times like indie-rock version of the Eagles in faux-cowboy mode . Jackie and his band perform tonight in support of his latest album at the glorious old Panida Theater in Sandpoint, and I can’t imagine a more perfect venue for his gritty, panoramic brand of California rock.

Jackie Greene "Mexican Girl"

Saturday, September 6
Lazy Saturdays are always great for thrift shopping and it’s been a while since I last covered the scene. In fact, last time I did a thrift store column, I had the entire Hospice organization in an uproar after I referred to the counter gals at their midtown thrift store as “cranky old ladies.” Well, they are! Or at least they were; I’ve been too scared to make a return visit for fear of getting a random set of dentures implanted painfully inside some non-sunny orifice.

has recently moved from the soon-to-be demolished old Goodie’s building on Ramsey & Appleway to a much more spacious former auto dealership on 4th. The place has some surprisingly like-new furniture on offer and a ton of household doo-dads, but the clothing section seemed a little washed-up. The book section has its own room now, but lets hope the donations start pouring in to fill up the empty shelves. Interestingly, in the far back on a rickety metal shelf are tons of random items in sections labeled “$1”,”50c” and “25c” – a very yard-sale-esque touch that added some intrigue to the shopping experience. The old store had a certain amount of piled-high mixed-up charm that made it feel like you were exploring some dead eccentric lady's estate. That vibe is now gone along with a lot of the store's personality, but let's hope they're still just getting acclimated to the new surroundings.

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