Friday, December 19, 2008

Mailbag: Sugar Shack

Dear Get Out,

I am a long time reader of your column and thoroughly enjoy your style and content. Having lived in CdA since the 1970s (graduated from CdA High in 1984), I often find myself remembering the same events, places, people, and tastes that you often write about. But here is one that I have been missing since the late 1980’s: The Sugar Shack.

To the best of my knowledge, the original Sugar Shack was located on Northwest Boulevard in the strip mall that now houses a smoke shop and a jewelry store (Cheryl Burchell Goldsmiths at 1524 NW Blvd). The business was a bakery that included pastries, cakes and cookies. Well, it was their signature sugar cookie that I remember the most and still have craving for. The cookie was a soft shortbread/sugar cookie but the white frosting was to die for. It was a hard frosting with a definite taste of licorice (anise maybe?). My mom would treat the family with goodies from the Sugar Shack on rare occasions. After graduating from HS, I left for the Coast Guard and insisted that care packages from home included Sugar Shack white frosted sugar cookies. Hone on leave in about 1987, I discovered that the Sugar Shack had moved into the newly constructed Silver Lake Mall and was in one of the small food vendor locations that are occupied by a pretzel shop now near JCPenny’s. By the time I got out, the Sugar Shack had drifted into obscurity and faded from the taste buds of the masses.

My hope, should you accept it, is that with your great knowledge, resources and infinite influence, you would be able to either find the original recipe of this awesome cookie/frosting combo or at least place something in a future article asking for assistance. Maybe someone out there remembers this tasteful delight or may even know someone who knows someone.

Having a jones for a particular flavor can be quite a frustrating thing. I have tried for years to reproduce it but to no avail.

Thanks for your great articles and any assistance you can provide.

Robert H.,
Coeur d'Alene

Dear Robert,

First, thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy reading my ramblings. Secondly, I totally remember the Sugar Shack! I was pretty young when they closed for good, but I remember vividly visiting there as a wee child and climbing those steps up to the big glass wall where you could watch cakes and cookies being made and frosted. It seemed like such excitement at the time! Also, I absolutely recall those wonderful sugar cookies and that remarkable frosting. I can almost taste the stuff. You sent forth a rush of memories with that one. As far as the recipe, I'd love to know as well and I will definitely keep it stuck in my mind as a mission, as well as to find someplace local with a reasonably similar cookie - you never know what I might come across. Perhaps someone reading this can glean some light on the subject?


Unknown said...

Robert if you still read this email me.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those cookies!
I loved those sugar cookies.
My Mom used to take me there for them. I wish I could have them now :)