Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Music: Scatterbox

Name: Scatterbox
Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Style: Punk
Formed: 2001

Band Members:
Tom White - Vocals
Mark Cogburn - Guitar
Scott Rozell - Drums
Sean Nicol - Guitar
Ryan White - Bass

Sounds Like: the ripping of a bedsheet, kind of like the sound of your bowels opening up when one has Ebola Zaire.

An offical release date has been set for February 10th, 2009 for Inland Northwest hardcore punk band Scatterbox's fifth record titled "ENEMIES". The record is set for release as a co-release between Blackhouse Records and Clickpop Records.

The new album, produced by Tom Pfaeffle (Fear Before, Evergreen Terrace, Great White) and Nick Jarvelin (The Hollowpoints) and mixed and mastered by Dave Richards and Paul Turpin (Idiot Pilot, The Trucks) will be available for pre-order in December and will come with a free live CD recorded at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA from their recent show with The Misfits.

Run Faster, Jump Higher (2001, Blackhouse)
Lipstick Stains and Shotgun Shells (2002, Blackhouse)
Infection III (2003, Blackhouse)
Sudden Movements (2005 Clickpop Records)
ENEMIES (2009 Clickpop Records/Rebel Alliance) To be released Feb. 2009.

Mp3 (Right-click and "Save as..."):
Null (Demo)
Scenester Dos (Unmastered)

Video: "Blackout" Music Video (2007)

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