Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Bits: Bread Crumbs and Tuna Chunks

New restaurant scoop! Local eyes are moist with joy, or at least mine are, with the news that former Henry's owner/architect Joe Chapman is returning to the Coeur d'Alene restaurant scene soon when Grumpy's opens for business in the former Bambino's location in midtown Cd'A, which for aeons before that housed a cracked-out all-nite laundromat. If you know Joe at all, you'll know that Grumpy's is THE perfect name for his new culinary endeavor. As I've mentioned before, Joe was my first boss and an old family friend; I washed dishes there at age 15, and it was a default hang-out spot for several decades. I kinda grew up there, in other words. It was depressing when Joe finally sold the old place five or so years ago and I'm excited to see what he's got in store for the new digs. I'd say that it could be just like old times, but sadly too many of the old Henry's gang have gone onto the great bistro in the sky.

Anyway, I'm not sure of an opening date or concrete details at this point, but I'm hoping to see the return of several long-missed Henry's menu items. Joe's Special (pictured) is a spinach, hamburger and scrambled egg concoction that must be smothered with plenty of ketchup to be fully appreciated. Also, the original Henry's seafood fettuccine was what made that dish my fff: favorite food forever, and I can't seem to find anyplace that does it quite the same unforgettable way.

Commenting on Last Week's 12 Dead Restaurants post via Huckleberries Online, a certain "Lynne" shared a rather scandalous memory of Papino's:

"Only ate there once but the owner also managed some apartments I lived in and I came home to find her snooping in my windows more than once."
To clear up the matter once and for all, former Papino's associate Andi responded via this blog:

"To those of you that remember Papino's fondly, we the family thank you. It was a pleasure to cook and serve our family recipes. Over the years we made many friends through our little re
staurant. It was "Our home" away from home. We not only had family working there, we also had dear friends that we had grown up with, working side by side with us, that helped to make Papino's what it was.

One of the bloggers mentioned something about one of the owners managing apartments building's, and coming home to find her looking into her window's. Let me please set the record straight!!!!! No one in the Papino's family ever managed apartments. Frankly, we never had the inclination to do so, and mo
st definitely we never would have had the time. I think that the blogger, a fore mentioned, has us confused with a women that once worked for us. Her name was Monica, and she indeed did manage apartments. I just felt the need to clear that up !!! Our family, would hate to think that our former customer, would read this site, and think that we were a bunch of peeping tom's !!! LOL.

Thanks for your loyalty. The Pap
ino family."
So. There you go. Drama over as fast as it began.

What the %*@# was a Medidi Monkey anyway? I never did venture in that bad California-lady acid trip of a furniture boutique with the silly name, which briefly held existence in the old Ponderosa motors building on in Midtown Cd'A. Something much better is moving in, or rather moving on up. The Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store is relocating one block north on 4th street somewhere toward the end of this month. Their current spot will become a pile of rubble to make way for some "affordable urban" condos. Hm.

This is a little sad for two reasons.

One: I'm enough of a geezer to remember when that building was the mighty Sears Catalog Store, before Coeur d'Alene was actually big enough to merit an actual Sears store. The Sears catalog was a massive and delightful tome, and the Christmas "Wish Book" was an annual event for the whole fam. I remember poring through them for hours, picking out school clothes then going in that store with my mom to stand in line and order, returning in a few days to stand in line again and pick up our order in grey paper packages. Seems like they had a ton of washers and dryers and maybe a TV or two on site, but that was it. I'll miss being able to visit that space.

Two: they'll have to tear down the huge Rock-n-Roll mural that takes up the entire south exterior wall. Visit quickly and ponder whether the twit in the tutu is supposed to be Gwen Stefani or Madonna.

Speaking of tutus, I thought this was a pretty original idea for a party theme: Tubin' in Tutus. You'd be forgiven for thinking this sounded suspiciously like an illicit act performed by drag queens. Actually, it's a ski-type event hosted by Silver Mountain this upcoming Saturday, February 21. Good times, especially after a hot scotch toddy or six in the lodge. If you're like me, and all your tutus are so last season, they do provide.

Not limited to the primary activity of sliding rapidly down hills on giant innertubes in ballerina gear, the festivities also include: Gondola Rides, Wine Tasting, Silent Auction, Hors d'oeuvres, Raffle, Karaoke, Hot Cocoa, and a "swag bag", all for thiry wee dollars.

Best of all, it's good for your kitty karma, since all proceeds go to the Shoshone Pet Rescue.

PDF with full info here.

Mark your calendars, African dance mavens. On Thursday February 19, the Black Student Association of NIC presents a free concert by "Friends of Sironka": "A talented group of 9 Maasai dancers from Kenya." Reception follows with traditional Maasai jewelry available for purchase. Things kick off at 6 p.m. at The Human Rights Education Institute - 414 1/2 Mullan Avenue by City Park, downtown Coeur d'Alene (208) 292-2359.

Watch this video and mentally picture this action happening right there in the middle of Cd'A city park. It seems a little (very?) incongruous perhaps, but it certainly promises to be festive and fascinating.

Had this comment on another random, un-related post recently
Kris said...
Hey! There is a great new restaurant in town called 315 Martinis and Tapas! They have a wonderful menu, awesome atmosphere and live music Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. I see you do have them on the music portion of the blog, but nothing relating to the restaurant at the Greenbriar Inn, downtown Coeur d'Alene.

Hey! Thanks for the tip, Kris. I've actually heard of that place, in fact I've heard nothing but complimentary things about it. What a coincidence that the owner's name is Kris, too! I've heard there's a local food reviewer for the SR who also runs a super cool website. Maybe one of these nights when he's feeling spendy he'll come and check out that totally awesome new 315 place you like so much, located at the Greenbriar Inn, downtown Coeur d'Alene. Actually,maybe the 315 lady would be interested in buying some advertising space on his website, he could sure could use the cash. Anyway my dear, why are we referring to ourselves in third person? Hope to see you soon.

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Patrick, last comment cured my hangover, thanks!