Wednesday, April 28, 2010

9 Easy Questions: Karla Gehlen

When you're going to Lakes Junior High in 1986 and a random girl approaches you at your locker and threatens to steal your Star Hits pin-up of The Cure's Robert Smith, you tend to make fast friends. At least that's how it worked for me and Karla Gehlen. She didn't seem particularly shy back then, but her Facebook profile makes the claim that she's "not a social butterfly but I'm not a wallflower either, I think it depends on my mood". She enjoys her dogs, her kids, video games and horses and my favorite random things she listed as "likes" are Adam Ant, "Beaches" and Wei Lana Yoga. I totally love that yoga lady. Anyway, Karla was kind enough recently to step away from the X-box for a minute and share with us which local food and dining options make her yodel along to "Stand and Deliver".

1. Favorite place to go for breakfast: The Breakfast Nook by far holds the most food for your buck trophy, and friendly service as well. However when I need something quick, I must admit I do have a secret passion for breakfast burritos from McDonalds.

2. Favorite place to grab a sandwich for lunch: Definitely Subway - I love my sandwiches made my way!

3. Best Mexican restaurant: Taco Bell is great because its cheap and quick and never too spicey - but when I am craving atmosphere as well, Toro Viejo is the place to go!

4. Best Chinese restaurant: I have yet to find a new Fave as far as "Chinese food" goes - it used to be The Canton until they started changing things. Other than cooking it at home, I have been "making do" with Panda Express.

5. Best place to get sushi: Not really a fan of Sushi.

6. Best fast food joint: When I am being responsible it's Subway, but when I just want a greasy burger, real milkshakes and a tub of criss-cut fries I am heading to Zips knowing that the extra bonus is being able to get as much fry sauce as I want without any extra charge!

7. Most frequented bar or nightclub: When going out with friends for drinks I love to go to The Iron Horse or Crickets. I have never had bad service or gotten ill from the drinks themselves at either of those places.

8. Someone offers to buy you a drink. What do you order? Rum and Diet Pepsi is the standard but if its a two-for-one night I love Apple Jacks!

9. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why? I love Denali Moose Tracks - creamy vanilla with thick ribbons of melt in your mouth chocolate fudge!

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