Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parkside Bistro vs. CDA Update

Wondering about the current fate of the Parkside Bistro? Things still appear to be up in the air, but Kevin has provided the following update via the Parkside Facebook page. I hope they can work something out with the city because it would be an outrageous shame to lose the much loved Coeur d'Alene landmark due to the actions of The Man.
There is some confusion about what is going on with the bistro and some facts. 1. I own the building and all fixtures. 2. I have looked at buying the land and doing a land swap for another piece ..( a good example is the shell station on NW blvd ). 3. The city has doesn't have to buy the building or offer some compensation. Other situations cities have given some $ so that a business can be moved .. for example 1/3 it's value. 4. the idea that the city allow parkside to stay open for the summer is an easy proposition if the city wants to allow this. as long as the city doesn't jeopordize grant $. Which seems to be the case. 5. I and others believe that "they" just want it to go away because the whole thing stinks. 6. If this is not politics then parkside will be open this summer. 7. Please prepare to be at the council meeting tues. may 4th. 8. I appreciate all those that have supported the bistro and see how necessary this establishment is to the fabric of CDA


Brian said...

Good lord, where would all of the good students of NIC, random park users, and sundry passersby nip in for a pint if Parkside closed down? Shocking!

Mike Kennedy said...

To Get Out! - one of the best local blogs around, here's my take from my seat on the City Council:

There is (a lot) more to this story that is not reflected in this note above. Several years of cooperation and notice have gone into this situation, and I've personally gone to bat for this establishment to encourage staff to be as creative and persistent as possible. Staff has done just that - for several years now.

But the facts are that the land is being abandoned by the railroad now. That land is part of City Park. Federal and state regulations on the funding for the park (Land and Water Conservation Fund) are such that if a for-profit entity operates on that park land the city would have to reimburse federal and state governments, and would impair future grants. Those are high risks to take.

The Parkside Bistro lease (with the railroad and being inherited by the city) is up, and they were granted an extension two years ago that was longer than the standard 6 months from the state and federal agencies. The agencies tell the city that no such extensions are planned or would likely be permitted.

So do we choose to “side with” an establishment that has known for two years that the end was coming and risk literally millions of dollars in park funding from state and federal sources? Or do we ask the establishment to honor the agreements that were worked out two years ago, when the city went to bat with those agencies for an extension? I've thought this was a tough call, but the longer and closer I look at it, the easier it has gotten.

It's a bummer to lose a local small business - I ate at Catcher in the Rye when I first moved to town 19 years ago. But it would be fiduciarily irresponsible to risk a serious financial hit to the taxpayers and imperil future grants that benefit everyone.

Anonymous said...

LCDC and the Mayor have plans for this piece of property.

We can expect the usual, "Why lookee here. Why didn't we ever think of this before. Wouldn't this just be perfect for..........
(insert hidden agenda here).

Take it to the bank.

Anonymous said...

If 'they' could lease it to the railroad (for what? a 99 year term?)is there not some other entity that would qualify to lease it, then sublease to Kevin? And, Mike, so what, he got an extension. Perhaps the point of getting an extension might have been to keep looking for a solution? I can tell your heart was in it. (Wow! for want of a sarcasm font)