Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Spring Breakfast at Historic Pleasantview School

Free scrambled eggs. Free biscuits with Sausage Gravy. Free coffee and juice. Need I say more? Yes, just a little bit more, and that's to say that even though they're offering the good stuff for free, I say it'd be easily worth donating a fiver for. Any donations go toward restoring the100-year old school building in the now non-existent town of Pleasantview, and I'm a big fan of any chance to rejuvenate and maintain  cool old historic places. Volunteers have been working on rescuing it from it's former state of vandalism and ruin for nearly ten years, and it's likely been slow going due to not-alotta-cash syndrome. So trek out to the school (18754 W. Riverview Dr., Post Falls) at 8 a.m. on Saturday and fatten your belly and the restoration team's coffers.

There's quite a few interesting facts and photos about the whole situation here: Pleasantview School History


Anonymous said...

Have attended before; great breakfast and for a worthy cause. What's the best route for getting there now that all the bridges around Post Falls are under construction?

Patrick J. said...

Er...I guess one could get in by taking Spokane Street south off Seltice Way and hit West Riverview that-a-way. I tried to attach a link to a Google map but it was wonky.