Tuesday, June 28, 2011

News - Mexican Restaurant No. 44: El Paisa

Sometimes I find myself just sittin' around and wondering: "¿Que Pasa? Why don't we have more Mexican restaurants in this town!" OK, I lied. Didn't we just have three or so new Mexican eateries just swing open their doors?  According to my quick count, taco trucks and fast food included, there are approximately 43 places in the Cd'A-PF-Hayden area to choose from when your brain and tummy gang up on you and say "We need tacos right now". Yes, brains and tummies can speak in bold print.  It does seem a bit like overkill at times, but here's what I say: the more, the más feliz.

Driving up Lincoln Way yesterday en route to a routine colonoscopy, I noticed the sudden un-expected appearance of El Paisa Mexican Restaurant in the strip mall space that Donut House used to occupy (1801 N Lincoln Way). I was like, "say what?!" How did they manage to sneak into town under the Get Out radar and just suddenly open for biz with no warning whatsoever?

So I ran in there today super quick just to grab a couple of take out menus and they told me they'd just opened yesterday. There weren't any customer in the place yet, but the owner and two counter girls greeted me with eager beaver smiles and a warm "hola amigo", so I am anxious to return when I have time to sit down and have a meal. Below is a copy of their menu for you to inspect (click to enlarge). Why there is a goat-in-repose lurking in the bottom right corner, I have no idea, but I do think it's a nice touch.


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Anonymous said...

I think maybe that's a Brahma bull instead of a goat?