Sunday, August 14, 2011

Local Noise: Ghoul's Crypt

Photo PreviewName: Ghoul's Crypt

Hometown: Post Falls, ID

Genre: Horror/Punk/Metal

Ghoul: Vocals/guitar
Jasin Gorgoth: Bass/backing vocals
Scott Hankins: Lead uitar/backing vocals
T-Bone: Drums

Reverbnation Bio:
"Ghoul is the founder of the DIY label Haunted House Productions and has become respected in the music community as a business-minded legend of the horror/punk/rock scene. A guru whose musical fame mostly stemmed from success as the singer/songwriter of the underground 90's horror/punk group "HUMAN MONSTER". A leader with a focused and structured musical direction, who is versatile vocal style and range has over the years been compared to by many as: "if DANZIG had a prodigal son, Ghoul be thy name"... having the mind-set of combining catchy rock/metal hooks w/ breathtaking vocal howls.

With an array of song writing ability that covers such genres as rock, metal, punk, horror, death, and rock-a-billy (to name a few), the group's focus will consistently and strictly produce music with a "do it yourself" mentality, sustaining thus another notch in this front mans belt, unveiling the heavier stoner/doom/garage sound that has become the focus and direction of this new super-group. With an all star line-up that was carefully hand selected by Ghoul himself, evil has a face and name and it's "Ghoul's Crypt".

Gorgoth was born, raised, bred and fed in the dark ages of the 1970's... Hailing from the dulcet desert lands of Arizona. Influenced and instilled at an early age by classic 70's rock groups such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Joining as Ghoul’s full-time bassist in April of 2010, Jasin (Ghoul’s #1 comrade) has played a key role in helping write and form many diverse playing styles using thumb, finger and pick applications as needed during recording sessions within the walls of Ghoul’s garage. Gorgoth has undeniably enhanced Ghoul’s writing ability and has nourished the evil/melodic/gloomy style and tone that is rich in playability, which has brought the “heavier” edge that has become “the sound” of Ghoul’s Crypt."

Upcoming Show:
Saturday, Sept. 24 - Umatilla County Fairgrounds, Hermiston, OR


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