Friday, August 9, 2013

Top of China Buffet Mini-Mini-Review

A friend visited Top of China Buffet on Appleway in CdA recently and posted this brief-yet-memorable review on his Facebook page. I got him to send me a recording of himself recreating the whistle he mentions. I found the whole thing so amusing I had to share:

Dear Chinese Buffet:

I quite enjoyed the butter laden seafood. The server was attentive. The fortune was a bit materialistic. The other patrons were unobtrusive. 13 angel fish is perhaps an unlucky number for the tank. But what in the heck was the deal with the kitchen worker who loudly whistled the same seven notes over and over. It was obviously some very catchy riff from a song that I will never buy on iTunes. For 45 minutes I listened to this hypnotic and distressing septatonic torture device! I may not be the same ever again.

(Click below to play audio of reviewer recreating the kitchen worker's whistling tune)


Lexie Carter said...

Oh that is too funny! I guess he enjoys whistling while he works... I've been trying to find a good Chinese buffet in Boise, ID and this looks perfect. Aside from the whistling, would you recommend it?

Harlin Quincy said...

You counted the number of fish in the tank? Would not expect that in a restaurant review.
Harlin |