Monday, September 29, 2014

Panhandle Health Hit List

There's been some talk recently about the city of Coeur d'Alene developing stronger regulations regarding food trucks and mobile kitchens. I perused the list of eateries who have received marks against them in the last three years while undergoing inspections from Panhandle Health District health and safety inspectors. 

As far as food trucks, the violations were extremely minimal, with just a few of them listed as having one violation, but nothing more dramatic than that. However, there were plenty of brick-and-mortar restaurants with three or more violations. I've saved you the work and have compiled these particular eateries below.

Please bear in mind, many of these violations are likely for minor offenses that were most likely easily remedied in fast fashion, so take this list with a certain amount of levity. But, as the PHD website explains, "such public reporting reinforces positive practices in eating establishments."

It is interesting that some of the most "fancy" local restaurants have a lot of boo-boos. And what's up with all the golf courses? And how is Harvest Foods in Wallace even still open?

The entire list of food inspections can be viewed here.
PHD's explanation of their food inspection process can be read here.

Aebleskivers, CdA (3)
Beverlys, CdA (3)
Blue Heron Cafe, Sandpoint (5)
Broken Wheel Restaurant (3)
Brooks Restaurant, Wallace (3)
Canton, CdA (3)
Captain's Table, Sagle (3)
CJ's Restaurant, Rathrdum (5)
Country Nook, Rathdrum (4)
Dish at Dover Bay, Dover (3)
Doc Holidays, Hayden (3)
Dos Amigos Taqueria, Plummer (3)
Eddie's Bar & Grill, Harrison (3)
Eichardt's, Sandpoint (3)
El Paisa, CdA (3)
Fork at Lakeside, CdA (3)
Gateway Cafe, Plummer (3)
Gem State Grill, St. Maries (3)
Golf Club at Black Rock, CdA (3)
Gozzer Clubhouse, Harrison (3)
Harvest Foods Market & Deli, Wallace (9)
Hayden Lake Country Club, Hayden (5)
Hayden Quik Stop, Hayden (Hayden & Ramsey) (3)
Highlands Grill & Tap House, Post Falls (3)
Jalapenos, Sandpoint (3)
Jimmy's Down the Street, CdA (5)
Kelly's Irish Pub & Grill, CdA (3)
Kootenai Coffee, CdA (3)
Kynrede Cafe, Hayden (3)
Links Golf Course, Post Falls (3)
Nosworthy's Hall of Fame , CdA (4)
O'Malley's Sports Pub & Grill, Rathdrum (4)
Paul Bunyan, Hayden (3)
Pizza Factory, Wallace (3)
Silver Rapids, Wallace (3)
Spragpole Steak & Ribhouse, Murray (3)
Stein's Market, Osburn (3)
Susie's Home Kitchen (4)
Taco Time, Silver Lake Mall, CdA (3)
Top of China, CdA (3)
Toro Viejo, Hayden (3)
Waterfront Restaurant, Priest Lake (3)
Well-Read Moose, CdA (3)


Unknown said...

Well that figures my favs Jimmys and Nosworthys are on here. Why isn't Atilanos? Curious...

Anonymous said...

Hayden Lake Country Club, haha, that's funny, the idea of the wealthy suits getting food poisoning,

Anonymous said...

Like you said, the violations may be minor, but any violation in the food service industry can be avoided if employees/owners are doing things properly. Funny to see Beverly's and the H.L.C.C. on this list, shows they are not getting "passed by" by the inspectors. Glad to see that none of my favorite establishments are listed! Thanks for posting!!

kitty said...

I'm oddly pleased to see Beverlys on that list. I still haven't forgiven the loss of Cloud Nine. Somewhat surprised the Gem State in St. Maries only has 3 violations.

Anonymous said...

Jimmys down the street us awful and should be shut down...the health dept. Doesnt seemto have any power...or care if we all get sick.

Anonymous said...

Surprised HLCC doesn't have more violations. Reusing leftovers from open buffets---really disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy's Down the Street has nasty restrooms with Boogers and Snot on walls so the kitchen is most likely the same. Avoid