Friday, January 29, 2010

North Idaho Video Disco-Hoedown

It's been way too many three wolf moons since we've sat down with a nice glass of Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian and taken the afternoon to round up some of the more random and pointless YouTube videos that involve our scenic and bizarre corner of the world in some form or fashion. Put some hot breath on your reading specs and wipe 'em on your t-shirt because off we go:

This minor epic plays out in only twenty-five seconds. The camera shakily scans the Silverlake Plaza shopping center, zooming in and out for no apparent reason. A hubcab loudly hits the pavement off camera. The camera man utters "Mmm hmm...huh". What could it all mean?

Another short North Idaho-style masterpiece. An unidentified man urinates on the front bumper of a giant Dodge truck and laughs. It seems to be some kind of Dodge truck manage a trois happening in the MacKenzie River pizza involving flashing their headlights in disco patterns. What could it all mean?

Take a leisurely video tour of 1311 E. Sherman Ave., the former Kitchens and More, which, when I was only a baby carrot, used to be a Green Stamp store. My grandmother lived a block away and she would get them religiously from the old IGA across the street. I'd help her lick and stick them into her little books and we'd take them to the Green Stamp store and redeem them for encyclopedia volumes or kitchen appliances. They're asking nearly half a mil for this vintage property, but wouldn't it be fun to turn it into a throbbing disco or something?

Alec Tompkins from Coeur d'Alene, ID supports clean energy. That is all.

A heartwarming and devastatingly depressing audio-visual tribute to Cd'A German shepherd "Ol' Shep". "If dogs have a heaven/there is one thing I know/Ol' Shep has a wonderful home."

There was almost something initally appealling about this funeral-march redition of Fleetwood Mac's classic hit "Gypsy" performed at the Shore Lounge by The Half Racks but honestly, I couldn't make it past the first 45 seconds.

A 1983 video by Ramsey Elementary 6th graders in Coeur d'Alene, to the tune of Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry". The organist is so rock-n-roll, it's almost hard to bear. Don't miss the ultra-foxy chicks dancing in the back.

An anonymous young Mastodon fan performs her tender prose about the vomiting which follows a morphine rush at the Cd'A public library Poetry Slam.

A couple of spirited Wallace folks enjoy freshly poured bowls of booze and 7-up and the resulting belch was apparently so great, it was worth seeing three times. I love the credits at the end, nice touch.

Sandpoint's Not Quite Punk tear through a killer version of "Wipeout" at the Little Panida Theater.

I've heard mixed reviews of Sandpoint's Oishii Latin/Sushi Bar but this mini-documentary makes it look completely fabulous (and very crowded).

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